Tuesday, February 12, 2013

From The Archives: Allison Robertson Circa 2002

Some bands deliver something fresh when they play live. You can play their albums to the point that you know the songs well. You can sing along. Then when you see them live, they shake it up a little. They'll speed it up a little here, they'll slow it down there, and toy with the audiences expectations while still delivering the goods. They keep it interesting.

The Donnas don't do that. What you hear on their albums is exactly what your gonna hear when they play live. They play it safe. After seeing them twice, several years apart, I doubt I'll go see them again. They're boring to watch live.

Their songs are solid though. So I'll still buy their albums, for what that's worth.

Anyhow, this is a pick of Allison Robertson I took around 2002 when they were touring in support of Spend The Night. It was taken in Seattle, at what is now known as  El Corazon.


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