Thursday, March 31, 2011

Porno 8-Tracks

I found some Porno 8-Track zip files, and uploaded the audio to YouTube. It's too much goofiness for one sit through, but if you need some levity in your life, just think about some poor slob listening to these with his dick in his hand thirty years ago.

And this pic belongs to the Dr Kaufman. Unfortunately, it's a little too hot for YouTube.

High Society and Velvet Talks Flexi-Discs, Featuring Gloria Leonard, and Candy Samples

I uploaded these, and within twenty-four hours, they had over 300 views between them. So I figure I might as well put them on my own blog. They are very unique, and a product of their time. And it is interesting to think that in the days when vhs players were for the wealthy only, that horny guys would carefully remove these from the magazine, start the record player, and squeeze one off while staring at the photos.

Aside from the hassle of going through all that, there is also the fact that the content simply wasn't that sophisticated. The sounds that you are hearing would serve more as a springboard for your imagination. It was the theater of the mind, albeit a filthy, grindhouse theater.