Monday, October 10, 2011

Oui Magazine Talks To Sylvia Kristel (And Snaps Some Pics)

Sylvia Kristel and my earliest boner memories are intertwined. Emmanuel was probably the first soft core feature I ever watched. Lady Chatterly's Lover I must have seen at least three or four times as a youth. All of this was courtesy of Cinemax After Dark, and the fact that my grandparents went to bed early. They almost always had a subscription to Cinemax. So from the time I was around eleven or twelve, Friday night was tits and ass night. It was the perfect way to end the school week. Sylvia Kristel was a big part of all that. She was the first female star whose name I ever remembered (and looked for).

Oui Magazine Takes A Look Through The Looking Glass

Oui magazine takes a look at classic porn film, "Through The Looking Glass". It actually looks kinda interesting.

Lady Looks Like A Dude (Who's Named After A Lady)

Here we have a nude woman painted to look like Alice Cooper. A nude woman will only allow herself to be painted to look like you if you are King. And yes, Alice Cooper was once our King.

Superscope These Cassette Recorders (Oui Magazine May 1976)

There is nothing exceptional about this ad. I do think it's an interesting way to jazz up a cassette player. There are a lot of colors and exotic images along the border, but there in the middle, are the boring brown boxes. Surely there was a better way.

Rome If You Want To (Oui, May 1976)

Here are a couple of particularly boner-worthy cuties that caught my eye from this issue.

A Velvet Talks "Talking Postcard"

This is an orphan record insert/postcard that I found without the magazine that birthed it. I ended up paying more for this than I should have. There was a little bidding skirmish for it that I was drawn into. It wasn't worth it. But discerning readers such as yourself, may experience it here for free.

The Man Called Beast: A Velvet Talks Article On Aleister Crowley

Aleister Crowley in the pages of a porn mag? That's kinda appropriate actually.

Velvet Talks, No. 4, 1979: The Back Page Ads

Here's more lewd and lascivious back page ads for you to pour over.

Genya Ravan Interview, Circa 1979

Here's a nice interview with rock heroine Genya Ravan.

Roller Skating is in!

Hey it's roller skates! These people sure look like they're having a good time. Go buy some roller skates. You won't regret it. You might even get laid, how about that?!

Sheena: Writhing, Grinding Disco Queen: A Velvet Talks Record Insert And Photo-Spread

These particular disco hijinks are From Velvet Talks No. 4, 1979.