Friday, February 10, 2012

Superman Swoops Down To The 1982 AFAA's

The Adult Film Association Awards (or the Erotic Film Awards) appears to have been a pretty staid affair. This is the perfect milieu for Al Goldstein's outrageous antic. Velvet seems a little put-off by lack of love for Holmes. By that time, being ignored by the AFAA's was the least of John's problems.

Harry Reems Interview, Velvet's Erotic Film Guide, Jan, 1983

Everyones favorite mustachioed pornstar chats it up with Velvet's Erotic Film Guide. The interview covers a few different subjects but doesn't get to, ahem, deep into any of them.

Lisa DeLeeuw Tit Fucking Record Insert From Velvet's Erotic Film Guide, Jan, 1983

Lisa does her best to get sexy with your ear-holes in this record insert. The record itself is in good shape, sounds good, and even comes with a pictorial. I actually find the plump and freckly Lisa Deleeuw to be pretty hot. Check it out!

"Squeezing them like grapefruits"


Friday, February 3, 2012

Seka Unzips Your Pants In This Record Insert From Club International Sept 1982

If you need some positive reinforcement in your life, give Seka a call! This record is in good shape but starts to crap out at the end. The albums that are displayed on top of the cover tend not to age well.

"Your cock is so big! So wonderfully big!"

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Listen With Rustler Keeps The Mini Skirt Alive!

These classic British chicks claim they are showing off their mini skirts. BUT, I contend that this is all a ruse to show off their panties! What's going on here? You be the judge!

Listen With Rustler: Eileen & Alex

This is a relatively tame recording by porno standards. No only is it not very explicit, but it also concerns a married couple! On the bright side, this is an actual flexi-disc. I call these things flexi-discs all the time, but they're usually made of cardboard. So check it out!