Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Found In An Alley

I found these lying outside a dumpster in an alley one day a few years ago. On one side are photos from a project, and written on the other, someone is laying their heart bear, working through a break up.

Okay, this first one is from the beginning of the relationship, signed to "Nathan".

I'm not sure how this fits with the others. First of all I can't tell if it is written to Miko, or if it is from Miko. If it is from Miko, then is it written to Nathan? And is Miko one of Kelly's nicknames? I'm pretty sure that whoever this is written to, "Weston" is the roommate.

At any rate, there is some marriage discussion here. My opinion is that the marriage talk is premature. Anyhow, read on.

The rest of these definitely belong together. They are all written using the same handwriting. And look closely at at the upper left hand corner on the written side of the first pic. You can make out "Hi Nathan".

The author is clingy, but she eventually let go. I wonder what was on the cd.

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